I won't be around in the next week or so due to family commitments but I have a butterfly triptych commission to hand over soon and then I will be able to show the photos of that and you can be involved with step by step progress on a couple of nuggleton's I have been commissioned to do. Back soon, have fun and take care xx

I am preparing a canvas for a commission today, putting the background wash on. Today's photo is from an painting I did a while ago now but have a soft spot for. It's the start of September now so I wish you all a very happy month x

SOLD! A few of my old pieces selling and I love seeing them go to homes where they can be enjoyed, rather than just being stored at mine. When I have completed all my commissions I wouldn't mind tackling a few more night scenes like this as it was great fun to do. Hope you all had a good Bank Holiday xx

My husband is off work for a week so no painting or crafting is getting done but jotting down lots of ideas for future Nuggleton pictures. I was bought a lovely solar lighthouse yesterday so that will definitely be going into Nuggleton by the Sea! Happy Monday everyone x